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Wing fairings

Fitting aft spar

More fitting aft spar

Finished aft spar

Texas Joggler

Joggling stiffeners

Joggled stiffener

Excellent Joggle

Stiffeners trial fit

Leading edge trial fit

More stiffener trial fit

Leading edge riveted in

Forward ribs cleco'd in

Stiffeners riveted in

Port wing skin trial fit

Factory leading edge bend

My re-bend

Difference in leading edge shapes

got 'er flipped over!

Trial fit, bottom wing skins

installing flap tubes

trial fit flap motor bracket

more trial fit flap motor bracket

flap tube and bushing trial fit

trial fit motor flap bracket

Flap motor bracket riveted in

Starboard Wing motor installed by Supermarine crew

I matched the port side to the starboard side

and then bolted and riveted everything in place

and then discovered they were in upside down and reversed both

this should be correct port side

and this should be correct starboard.

wing stub with a whole assload of cleco's

stiffeners installed

drilling 3/32

dimplin' ribs

preparing anchor nuts

trial fit

my plane is a porcupine

still drillin', dimplin' and clecoin'

Primed wingskins

Primed trial fit wing farings

Finally riveted right wingskin

and left wingskin

Just another pretty picture of me!

Checking alignment of farings

Using laser for measurements

Perfect alignment

Wing farings cleco'd in place.

Oil cooler installed

Oil cooler air scoop

Oil cooler air scoop

Reshape scoop

Trial Fitting

Install trim

Looks good, ehh?

Just another view

Finally finished



Can ya tell I'm proud of these bastards?

Last shot of scoops

Preparing to turn 'er over

Bolt on the spar for grins.

Trial fit wing parts

Assembled back half of wing

Preparing to rivit top

Preparing bottom

Riviting top

Panels in front of heater

Pullin' off that frickin' tape

Preparing wheel well..

Riviting in wheel well

Making Landing gear tunnel

Top rivited

Pitot tubes and light wire installed

Preparing to rivit bottom of wing.

Install Pitot tubes

Alignment of wing

Alignment of wing

Build Aileron

Trial fit Aileron, flap and tip

More aileron alignment

Install underside rivits

Here's that Frickin' tape!!!!

More Aileron alignment

and more still....

Flap alignment