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4/12/2006  Disassembled the 20B. took about an hour. Absolutely perfect inside! Wish I hadn't even taken apart! Two piece eccentric shaft just slipped apart, no problems. Will start porting Sunday.

4/15/2006  Cleaned up the other two rotors, cleaned one rotor housing, taped off iron housings and marked for port timing cuts. (4hrs)


4/23/2006  Spent most of the day porting the 20B Raised all the intake ports 3/16". and cleaned the ports up. Didn't polish to a mirror finish. Don't think that's necessary. Have decided to ad some booster ports. They worked well in our old dirt trackers, outa work good in an airplane. (11hrs)


4/23/2006 changed my mind on the booster ports. gonna stick with just the street port.
4/23/2006  trial fitted, measured, pondered, and dreamed most of the day about installation of engine. temp. mounted motor-mount, motor plate, nose and cowl.  This kind of time is necessary altho it doesn't seem productive.(15hrs)

4/30/2006  overhauled the 20B today. All went well. Working on motor mount modifications. (24hrs)

5/11/2006  Mounted rear housing on motor mount and mounted re-drive to that. Determined I'm going to have to make modifications in the motor mount. Will continue assembling the complete motor assembly then take to the welder/fabricator to build motor mount, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and exhaust system. All going well...just seems slow.


6/06/2006   Haven't made much real progress on building, but progress is happening elsewhere. Received the aluminum tubing for the intake manifold. Received the new oil pan from Atkins. Received the motor mount plate some time back from Conversion Concepts. Received all my studs and lock nuts for the oil pan. Ordered the new pulleys for the crank, alt, and water pump. Still waiting on the new canopy. Have installed the EM2 in the dash and the controller in the console. Did replace the fittings on the oil coolers to a #8 AN fitting. Had to pull both oil coolers out of the scoops and re-install. Did some minor cutting to make them fit. But just couldn't go ahead with the #6 fittings. Afraid there wasn't enough oil volume.

So now its hurry up and wait some more. Waiting for an intake flange to be fabricated. Waiting on canopy, Waiting on Motor mount.
But.plenty to do. Must build a dozen new combat ships for a competition in Seattle!

2/25/07  Modify Jabaru engine mount for Mazda 20B. Construct intake manifold. (44Hrs)


5/27/2007  Well it seems like I haven't been doing anything to the Spitfire. But what has been going on that you don't see. Made an aluminum intake manifold flange, made the six intake runners and plenum, welded it all up. Made the exhaust manifold out of inconel and stainless steel. Cut up the water pump housing and rearranged the inlet and outlet. Ordered the radiator and are building mounts for it now. Still must install fuel injection bungs in the intake, and an o2 bung in the exhaust. Then I will take the motor mount and have it powder coated yellow so I can see any crack that might arrive (hope not). then I must send the exhaust manifold off to get a jet ceramic coating. then when it all comes back I'll start an installation. I cant even count the hours spent on these items. so I wont.