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Preparing for main spar installation

Tank support installed

Making a big mess!

Torqueing the main spar

Brackets attached to main spar

Installing doubler plates

The workshop

Roll around tool tray (a necessity)

A clean workbench helps

Fitting the aft spar

Fitting the aft spar doubler

Drilling and installing  the aft spar doubler

Fitting the doubler on the doubler

Riviting aft spar doubler

Finished aft spar doubler (inside)


Seat bottom misdrilled


Fitting door inner trim

Drilling to 1/8

Installing rudder tube and trim cable


Inner trim installed

Front and rear seat belt doublers

Cock pit trim

Fitting elevator supports

Fitting elevator mount

Fitting door (outside)

Fitting door (inside)

Aligning rear spar

More aligning rear spar

More aligning rear spar

More aligning rear spar

Clecoing in rear spar

Fitting front seat bulkhead

Final alignment of rear spar

Making my list, checking it twice

Pulling off that frickin' tape

Nice fit

Inside door

Hatch cover prep

Hatch cover installed

Rear hatch cover

Trial fit gas tank cover

Riviting nuts for tank cover

Nuts installed

Looks good here

Buckle right rear

Holes didn't match

Not acceptable

Remove windscreen frame

Door latch

Holes too close to channel

Love that tape!

Speedy dimpler

Female part under channel

Turtle deck drilled, dimpled and primed

Windshield finally installed!

Chapter 1 completed.

Got 'er on her legs!

Looks bigger right side up

Using laser light to line up fin

Laser lights are the nuts!

Lookin' back at the laser light

Ya gotta put the lower rudder bracket bolts way back there!!!!!

The trick?  A magnet.

May be underpowered?!

Trial fit of fin.

Rudder brackets installed

Completed another chapter!!!!

Cassidy and Makayla, my little helpers!

Trial fit fairings

Still fitting

Right side fairings

Checkin' out scoop.

Bob Whites mini-harness, perfect fit!!!

Rear tank mount

Fitting fuse air-scoop.

Fitting fuse air-scoop.